about us

Who are we?

Silkroad Inc. was borne out of a desire to inspire people to do more, do better, and leave their mark in the wider cultural and arts community. As a club by invitation only, we connect some of regional’s diverse professionals from all walk of life to propel positive change to the status quo in the cultural scene. Centered on the ideas of innovation, togetherness, and continuity, the Silkroad Inc provides minds alike with a conducive platform where you will interact, connect, and share opportunities with others. Community-building are at the heart of our club - expressed through a thoughtfully curated space, diverse events and an inspiring assembly of artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and game changers.


OUR Executive Council

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OUR vision

To innovate truly Singaporean works of art and showcase the best in Singapore arts and artistes to the international arena.


To network and collaborate with Asian artistes to create uniquely Asian works based on the integral and intrinsic elements of Asian culture, tradition and lifestyle.

To gather available resources within the various cultural industries and encourage cross cultural exchanges in building and bonding our multi-cultural communities.

To ensure the continuity of Asian arts by playing the role of a bridge between Eastern and Western arts and through building a viable arts industry in Singapore

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Our objectives

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To promote Singaporean’s cultural and art; showcasing the best in Singapore to the regional arena. 

To bridge and collaborate Singapore heritage, culture and arts groups with groups across the region to create  synergies based on the integral and intrinsic elements of Asian culture, tradition and lifestyle.